Yesterday I fished the Alsea River sea-run cutthroat. We haven’t had a rain yet to bring up the river levels; however, I was able to find some sea run cutthroat. My day started with hitting the snooze one too many times. Even with the late start – it was still cloudy when I arrived at my destination and to my surprise the cloud cover remained for most of the morning. I tried various flies – but it was the Skokomish Sunrise fly that worked the best. I was fishing a 10 foot sink tip fly line. I find that a sink tip line and casting to the shallows is the most effective way to find the cutties. In the end I landed 2 sea-run cutties and 2 native cutthroat and easily missed 3 others. I was happy for the amount of action for just a few hours of fishing this time of year. If you haven’t chased these blue backs I suggest you do. For their size these fish have aggressive takes and are fun fighters. If you want to learn more contact me at BackCountry Fly Shop. Lou will be teaching a class on October 12th.


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