On Saturday, Dave and I explored new steelheading water for us! We headed to Drift Creek – that flows into Alsea Bay. I have to say this is a nice piece of water that has lots of potential for steelheading. The challenge! Getting there isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you are willing to do the “time” then you will be treated to a special steelheading spot. The hike is just about 3 miles and it all gradient! The altitude change is 1000 feet – there is a small flat section in the middle to catch your breath but the first and bottom 1/3 will definitely got our heart rates going. Well at least it did for Dave and I and we are both over that 50 mark!

I swung with my 9 1/2 foot Sage Rod and a Rio 310 Grain short Skagit. I left my switch rod at home concerned about the casting space. My shorter rod got me to most of the water – but I could have just as easily brought by Sage Switch rod with me. Dave dead drifted with his 10 foot Sage rod.

We were clearly early for the steelhead – but none the less we got on the water and discovered a new spot for 2012.


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