As an avid flyfisher, I really have’t taken many opportunities to hardware fish and I have never done any deep sea fishing. Last week I was in Florida with my sisters for a few days of catching up, relaxation, fun and sun. It was great time. One of the days one of my sisters, Lucy, and her husband, Jerry, and I did a fishing charter with the Mystic Rose out of West Palm Beach.

Fishing with sardines is much different than fishing with flies. I was glad that our guides were putting on the sardines on the very big hooks, in same cases it was 3 hooks connected. Yes, from my perspective that was about a 4 inch hook. It took me a while to get the hang of letting line out and reeling it in. I never did really get the hang of casting the rigs. Nonetheless, I still landed a few fish and most importantly had a great time. Would I do it again? SURE! Just as long as someone else puts the sardines on the massive hook.

Enjoy the video:

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