My favorite water? – Today! The Lukiamute

Many people ask me what is my home water or what is my favorite stream. I have to be honest – I really don’t have a favorite! I always enjoy whatever piece of moving water or still water I am on. What I love is integration with nature, reading the water, delivering the fly, and the game of outsmarting the fish. So today my favorite place was the Lukiamute River, which is just about 25 miles from my house. It is one of the many small coastal streams that fly fish great in the early trout season! As a matter of fact today was the second day of 2012 that the Lukiamute was open. I arrived to have the water all to myself. No complaints from me on that at all.

Why do I love the Lukiamute! Well it is a small stream full of coastal cutthroat trout and cutthroat are always eager to take dry flies! Today the pattern was a size 12 style stimulator. I pulled out my Sage SPL one weight, which I have not fished for years. I forgot how mammoth a 12 inch fish feels on a one weight. I also used a furled leader from Cutthroat Leaders. The furled leader turned the dry fly over beautifully and mended perfectly.

Today is an example of you just need to go out and fish! Before I fished this morning I did the bills, mowed the yard, and a few other tasks around the house. That still left me plenty of time to head to the Lukiamute and get some fishing in. I landed 4 fish and lost about that many – can’t complain for maybe 90 minutes of fishing. Enjoy the photos.

Looking Upstream - What a view!

My first nice coastal cuttie of the day! What a hoot on my Sage SPL 1 wt