I have been on the Salmon River in the last few days – and I am loving the Salmon Fly Hatch. I went to my favorite early season spot and was rewarded with a good number of fish. Check-out the 37 second video of me landing a West Slope Cut Throat Trout. Gosh these fish are pretty

Although the rivers are too high to float – there are places on the river to walk and wade. The fishing has been great in mid-morning and early afternoon. I expect that the river will be at a level to float around July 1, if not a few days sooner . The warm days should also warm the water and get even more bugs and fish active! In just the last few days I have seen an increase in bugs hatching and fish feeding on the surface. The most common bug was those huge Salmon Flies – an orange stimulator was the fly that the fish took on Saturday. I also some mayflies and caddis. I also got a few fish swinging a JJ Special – no bull trout YET!

And just in case you don’t know what a Salmon Fly looks like – check out the following photo.

Check out the Salmon Fly - no it doesn't bite!

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