Dave and I have floated the Salmon River the last few days. The water is running fast – 2300 CFS – but still very fishable. We have seen hatches of Golden Stones, Salmon Flies, Green Drakes, Black Caddis and a few Yellow Sallies. Where ever the current was walking pace – we always found a willing west slope cutthroat to take a dry fly. Stripping streamers – yuk bugs and JJ Special’s also produced fish early or later in the day.

For those of you who are not fishing enthusiasts – I will share a few photo’s of the vistas one will see floating the Salmon River. So you don’t have to be a angler to love the Salmon River.

A view looking upstream from Slate Creek

Looking downstream towards Squaw Creek

For those you who are fishing enthusiasts – enjoy a few photo’s of today’s landed fish!

Dave hooked and landed a nice bull trout stripping a yuk bug

The biggest cutthroat of the day was landed 100 foot from the take out!

Take a closer look at this cuttie! Gotta love the colors in these fish!

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Mary Ann Dozer


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