Dave and I are in Central Oregon for a few days. We got tired waiting for the waters to go down in the Mid Willamette Valley! Our destination was the Crooked River but mid-way on the drive, we decided to check out the Middle Deschutes! As we arrived we were greeted with great late fall colors in the desert – but we also were greeted with high water. None the less we opted to give it a go.

Great Fall Colors but also high water!

With the high water it was hard to find good spots and then getting to the spots wasn’t a simple walk and wade. None the less each of us caught some small browns – beautiful colors on these fish. Flies that worked were a size 16 pheasant tail, size 6 brown jimmy leggs, size 14 all purpose nymph, and size 16 red serendipity.

Not a trophy fish! Bit check out the colors.

So much for my underwater focusing skills! None the less I like the solo shot

And Yes Smiley in along on our trip


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