Dave and I fished the Crooked River today and yesterday. The weather was absolutely amazing – not to mention the scenery. We had temperatures in the low 60’s and plenty of sun. It was hard to believe it was November.

The view while fishing the Crooked River

We pre-dominantly fished sub-surface using EuroNymphing Techniques with a 10 foot and 11 foot 3 wt Grey’s Streamflex. Both of us found using a sighter indicator verus a slinky to be more effective. At a CFS of about 55 this was the technique to use. Dave did dry fly fish today for a little bit. We got ton’s of fish in the 8 to 12 inch range sub surface. Flies that worked #18 BWO bubble back, # 16 Sparkle Caddis Pupa, #16 Double D, #16 My little Deschutes fly (pheasant tail with a purple thorax), #16 psycho mayfly, # 14 to #16 grey and light brown soft hackles, and a #14 green rock worm.

Not the biggest fish of the day - but also not the smallest!

Check out the colors!

Flies that worked on Sunday - similar flies worked on Monday!


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