I recently created a presentation and video regarding Reading the Water & Covering it Effectively. There are many skills for an angler to master. Knowing how to read the water for possible trout lies and then effectively covering that section of water is key to increasing that catch rate. As an angler, I hope you learn something with the “Reading the Water” Slide Presentation and “Covering the Water” Video. Let me know how these movies helped your fishing results.

Reading the Water Slide Presentation

Covering the Water Video

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  1. Great refresher for recalling the fundamentals you have taught us over the last couple of summers in Idaho so good job and keep them coming…….Dale and Ardel

    • Dale and Ardel,

      Thanks for the feedback. And glad you like the refresher. I still want to do more editing annotations, freeze frames and slo motion – but that will have to be next winter’s project!

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