Dave and I recently treated ourselves to a guided day on the Williamson River and the Wood River in Southern Oregon. The best part of the day was just remembering what it is like to have someone else take care of all the fishing details! Yes I got to sit in the front of the boat and just fish!  I did tie  on my own flies! However, nothing is more relaxing and intriguing than fishing new waters under the guidance of a guide. Great day!

Mother Nature always plays a role in fishing pursuits. Sometimes she provides a stellar day where the fishing is easy and awesome. Other days she decides to make the day a bit more challenging. In our case rains a few days before increased the river levels and turbidity! Thus we didn’t hook and land any Williamson River fish, but as we floated we scared up a few and my goodness I am headed back there this fall. Some awesomely huge fish on this river. On the Wood River conditions were a bit better and I was able to land some nice Wood River Fish.

Regardless of what type of fishing conditions Mother Nature deals you! She always deals you some great scenery! Sorry I don’t have more photos! I was busy fishing.



My view from the front of the boat!



A long cast and a streamer connected with this nice Wood River Rainbow



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