What Fun!!!!Christmas day….27 degrees….beautiful sunny day….8 inches of snow….and Dave and I went fly fishing on the Metolius River.  I used my 10′  6″  5 wt bamboo switch rod to swing streamers, and Dave used his  8′  3″  5 wt bamboo rod  to Euronymph small nymphs.  We tempted a few trout to our flies, and got one nice rainbow to the net.  Here are a few photos.

A selfie of Dave and I – dressed for the weather

Mary Ann with her Switch Rod.

Waiting for the elusive tug!

Concentrating on my nymphs.

Dave – nymphing – his favorite

A beautiful 13" rainbow that took a #18 Red Serendipity.

Dave’s catch on a red serendipity

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