Remote Casting Instruction

As my Mom would say, “My heart is full!”. For years I have had a vision for teaching fly casting real-time via video conferencing! That vision became a reality during my stay at home with COVID 19. I have used this time to master my skills for Zoom Meetings and Hudl Technique. By now,  I trust you know what a Zoom Meeting is.  Hudl Technique is a software application that allows me to analyze your fly casting with notes and drawings to recommend changes to your cast.

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In both the group sessions and private sessions I have conducted, the feedback is that the use of video and not having the distractions of being in a park, provide a better learning environment.

I had the pleasure of giving remote casting demonstrations to both Colorado Women Fly Fishers and Fly Fishing Women of Minnesota. I was very pleased with the rave reviews.

Making Sure I have all I need to demonstrate casting with Colorado Women Fly Fishers.
Facebook Comments regarding the value of Remote Casting Demonstrations

I have also given remote private castings sessions to anglers that want their cast to have more finesse. These sessions include a video analysis of their casts and then a one-on-one Zoom meeting to review the analysis and discuss drills to adjust their cast.

This is a sample of the annotation that can be done via Hudl Technique

The best anglers – know how to control their loops to get the fly and line to land for best drift!

My Mantra – You can buy a fly, no one can fly cast for you!