On my blog you were find posts on my fishing pursuits in Central Oregon, these will give you a few snapshots of fishing in Central Oregon.   Any direction out of Sisters, in 30 minutes to an hour,   you’ll find a unique fishery. Whether  you prefer  moving water or still water the choices are endless . You can fish year round on these waters – with spring to fall bringing the best opportunities.

The core moving waters to choose from are:

Crooked River

This is my favorite river for those new to fishing. This wonderful tail water fishery with easy shore access and room for your back cast is simply fun to fish.  It’s small size is a great opportunity to learn how to fish and it has lots of fish. It general delivers.  If you’re an experienced fisherman and are looking for numbers of fish, the Crooked is your destination – just be ready to tie on lots of  size 16 to 20 flies.

Deschutes River 

This is the river that Central Oregon is known for. The river travels over a hundred miles from its headwaters of Lava Lake to the Columbia. It has three distinct sections the Upper, the Middle and the Lower. The upper is a small and is very accessible along the Cascades Lakes Highway. If you like fishing smaller waters this is your destination.  The Middle is a tougher fishery – but with some suggestions from you local fly shop you’ll enjoy the light pressure this river gets. The lower Deschutes is a large river. The lower Deschutes winds through gorgeous and pristine canyon lands is a premier Northwestern fly fishing stream famous for native, genetically pure rainbow trout, known as “Redbands” which are beautiful and hard-fighting trout. The lower Deschutes is also known for it summer & fall steelhead run. The Lower Deschutes is accessible by float boat or walk and wade. Good news & bad news – you can’t fish from a boat, rather the boat allows you to get to water you can’s easily access by shore. I suggest a guided float as a great way to see what the river has to offer.

Metolius River

This crystal clear spring creek cutting through lush green foliage is one of the prettiest rivers I’ve ever seen. It has rainbows and browns averaging 14 to 16”. Fish over 20” and bull trout can also be found but are tough to fool.  For those who want a challenge, this is your river. There is no commercial guiding on the river so you will need to rely on the advice of locals to fish it