Fly Fishing 101

Fly-Fishing 101 – Building a solid foundation of skills for those new to fly fishing.

For anglers who have fished a couple of times. This class will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to begin your pursuit of fly fishing. If you haven’t fly fished before , or in the last year – I suggest you do a guided day of fishing and then follow-up with this class. 

The course content will introduce you to all the skills you need to get on the water from casting, to fly selection, to tying on flies.

Timing:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. May 5 or June 2, 2018

Private dates can be arranged for 2 to 4 anglers.

Costs: $100/angler

Class Size: 2 to 4 anglers


What Fly Fishing Equipment Do you Need?

  • Waders & Boots
  • Rods, Line, & Leader
  • Accessories – Tippet, indicators, nippers, etc

4 Important Bugs and their Lifecycle

  • The major aquatic insects families
  • Lifecycle stages

Basic Knots & Rigging for One Fly

  • Connect leader to line
  • Attach tippet to the leader (surgeon’s knot),
  • Fly to the tippet (clinch knot).
  • Rig for dry flies and nymphs.

Reading the Water

  • Where are the fish in the water?
  • Reading seams, texture, & color

Intro to Line Management – What to do once your fly hits the water

Intro to Casting

  • Casting Fundamentals
  • Roll Cast
  • Basic Overhead Cast

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