Fly Fishing 101

Fly-Fishing 101 – Building a solid foundation of skills for those new to fly fishing.

For anglers who have fished a couple of times. This class will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to begin your pursuit of fly fishing. If you haven’t fly fished before , or in the last year – I suggest you do a guided day of fishing and then follow-up with this class. 

The course content will introduce you to all the skills you need to get on the water from casting, to fly selection, to tying on flies to reading the water.

Timing:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. May 11 or June 29 2019

Private dates can be arranged for 2 to 4 anglers.,

Costs: $100/angler

Class Size: 2 to 4 anglers


What Fly Fishing Equipment Do you Need?

  • Waders & Boots
  • Rods, Line, & Leader
  • Accessories – Tippet, indicators, nippers, etc

4 Important Bugs and their Lifecycle

  • The major aquatic insects families
  • Lifecycle stages

Basic Knots & Rigging for One Fly

  • Connect leader to line
  • Attach tippet to the leader (surgeon’s knot),
  • Fly to the tippet (clinch knot).
  • Rig for dry flies and nymphs.

Reading the Water

  • Where are the fish in the water?
  • Reading seams, texture, & color

Intro to Line Management – What to do once your fly hits the water

Intro to Casting

  • Casting Fundamentals
  • Roll Cast
  • Basic Overhead Cast

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