Women’s Trout Fly Fishing School


If you are intent about becoming an active,competent, independent angler – this four day school is for you. You will take the plunge and focus on taking your fly fishing skills to the next level.

My biggest joy is when I develop independent anglers!

For the last 15 years I have been teaching fly fishing from  an1.5 hour casting lessons to  all day in the classroom or all day on the water  to multiple days on the water. My experience those that advance the quickest and retain their knowledge are those that have in-depth classroom time, and on the water time  – divided between guided and on your own time. We learn the fastest with repetitive practice in a short time frame. Thus I am very excited to off a 4-day intensive Fly Fishing School. The class is limited to 4 anglers.

After her 2nd day – Off to Solo Fishing

The Framework of the Curriculum

The School will kick off on the evening  before with a casual social and a refresher on knots or casting at 7:00

On Day 1 – We’ll be on the water all day.  You’ll spend 1/2 the day with me coaching you and the other 1/2 the day experiencing fishing on you own. There is nothing like being on your own to discover what you know and what you don’t know.  We’ll start at 9:00 and end at 6:00

On Day 2 – We’ll spend our days split between casting on the grass on in-depth education on bugs, reading the water, rigging, and line management. Topics will be turned based on your experience on Day 1.  We’ll start at 9:00 and end at 6:00

On Day 3 – We will be back to the water all day. You’ll spend 1/2 the day with me coaching you and the other 1/2 the day experiencing fishing on you own. There is nothing like being on your own to discover what you know and what you don’t know.  We’ll start at 9:00 and end at 6:00

On Day 4 – Our topics will focus casting, fly selection and rigging. Yes a second go around on these topics, in more depth. It’t the repetition of these topics – that will enable you to retain you newley improved skills. And to be independent you need to be able to try your flies on and cast them effectively.  We’ll start at 9:00 and end at 2:00

Socializing – With no doubt I know that the 4 individuals who attend these classes will build a lasting bond for future fishing trips. Also when learning in a small group of 4 your able to ask more -indepth questions and also learn from the questions of others.

Meals – Your lunches will be provide on Day 1 to 4. You’ll need to pay for your own breakfast and dinner – our plan will do these as a group.

Accomodations at the Sisters Bunkhouse

Each participant will have their own room for privacy during the school. At the Bunkhouse there is a small social area where you can chat as a group at the beginning and end of the day. There is a small group refrigerator to store you snacks and favorite beverages.

Cost – The cost for the 4-day Intensive Fly Fishing School is $1000. This includes your lodging, guide fee, flies, class instruction and your lunches. It does not include fishing licenses and gratuity.

Payments – To receive your spot – a 50% down payment is required.  The reminder will be due 45 days before the school. Prior to 45 days a refund will be provided. After that – your fees will only be refunded if a replacement is found for you.

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Recent Posts

2017 FFI Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop

A few weeks ago at the Federation Fly Fishers International I had the pleasure of leading the Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop.  I had an awesome crew of partner instructors and an tremendous group of students anxious to take their skills to the next level.  All of us had a blast and regardless of being an instructor or a student we all learned something.  I am not quite sure what it is— but I love the events when women anglers get together. Below are a few pictures from the event! Enjoy

Thanks to the instructors Trish,  Mary Ann, Cheryl, Kathy, Kristy,, Molly, Donna, Patty, Whitney and Heather

All students and participants after our casting instruction! Casting is just to much fun.

Hey everyone look at the photographer not Willa!

We started the day in the classroom – but within two hours – we were outdoors casting or headed to fishing.

We would break into two groups of 8 to allow for more conversation during each topic. Here Mary Ann is kicking off casting.

Our last topic during casting – was what to do when you fish takes your fly…Aka how to get that fish into the net.

On day 1 PM our fishing local was to the Yellowstone. Kudo’s to Susan for enticing a cuttie to your fly

On the water we broke into a teams of a fishing pro,instructor, and two students – lots of individual instruction for our anglers.

A photo capturing the friendships that develops during the two day of the fly fishing workshop

On day 2 we headed to Depuys’ by 11:00. And of course we had to stop and check out all the fish you can see in the crystal clear water.

Lunch and socializing before we head to the water.

Lunch and socializing before we head to the water.

Connie playing a nice brown that took her PMD emerger. Mary Ann getting ready to net – and then the fish took off….

A perfect example of the 1-1 coaching on the water

And you can’t learn to fly fish without learning about the aquatic insects. Thanks to Molly and Heater for collecting. 


Molly discussing the process of matching flies to the bug sampling. Too fun. You can never know too much about bugs.

A new addition this year. A place for women to gather , socialize and meet other cool women anglers

Thanks to Sandy for all her leaders in making the Women Connect Happen! And to Marlene for supporting her.


Patty doing what she loves – tying flies



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