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What Fly to Tie On

Bugs, their Lifecycles, and the Flies that Imitate Them

May 14, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 6:30 pm PDT

This workshop is a practical introduction to entomology for all anglers. Just the basics to enable you to converse with your fly shop on what flies when and why.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Identify the 4 Major Aquatic Insects
  • Distinguish the 2 Aquatic Insect Lifecycles
  • Select a fly that matches the natural insect & fish feeding behavior.


Bugs and flies’ names may seem like a foreign language. It doesn’t have to be! I speak no Latin; to me, that gets in the way of learning the essentials.  This online class is a practical overview of the four major aquatic insects and their respective lifecycles.  Mary Ann’s framework will give you the foundation to break the code to understand bugs’ foreign language.   You’ll see photos and videos of the natural insects and the flies that represent them. 

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