I love to work with anglers and take their fishing to the next level, whether they be a novice, beginner or intermediate angler.  One of the tools I use to take your fishing to the next level is video instruction. My vision is a series of instructional videos on all aspects of fly fishing from casting to fly presentation to landing a fish. My vision is to have a mixture of freeze frames,  annotations,  and slow motion in the videos to enhance the instruction. Unfortunately editing takes time, and at this time I have only the following videos ready for publication. I hope you enjoy these and learn something new.  Whether you’re fishing on your own or if you are going to be on the water with me, reviewing these will help accelerate your learning curve and get you the opportunity for more fish.

I suggest you watch the videos in this order:

Line Management: Learn how to manage your fly line for  a nice long natural drift of  dry flies. This is the first video to watch – as it is the foundational building block for the remaining videos

Nymphing: Now that  you know the core fundamentals of line management you are ready to learn how to fish flies beneath the surface with indicators.

Covering the Water: Now that you know how to get the most natural drift with your fly it is time to learn how to cover the water effectively, making sure you don’t overlook any fish. In this video

Approaching the Water:  Each piece of water provides a unique fishing approach. In this video Dave shares the 3 questions we ask each time we approach a new piece of water

Fishing Scenario #1: In this video I fish a stretch of water with both dries and nymphs. This is a great way for you to see all the skills, presented in previous videos, put into action in landing a fish.

Fishing Scenario #2: In this video Dave fishes a stretch of water with nymphs. This is a great way to see all the skill presented in previous videos, put into action landing a fish.

Fishing from a Drift Boat: If you want to cover a lot of water – there is no better way than doing this than from a drift boat. In this video Dave demonstrates line management techniques for fishing from the front of the drift boat.

Upcoming Videos that are still in the editing room!

  • Fly Casting
  • Hooking, playing, and landing a fish