My greatest joy is to teach anglers another skill to take their fishing to the next level. I am available for club presentations. I have the following topics that I would love to present to your club.

All About Bamboo – My husband, Dave Dozer, is a bamboo fly rod builder. Needless to say we fish bamboo exclusively for trout. This past winter I built my first bamboo fly rod. In this presentation Dave and I share our passion for bamboo. We discuss why we fish bamboo, give a brief history of bamboo in fly fishing, and discuss the process of custom crafting a bamboo rod from the personal experience to the technical details of crafting bamboo. You’ll enjoy our photo and video essay of building a bamboo fly rod.

Czech Nymphing – My go to nymphing technique in shallow water,  less than thigh high. I have learned this is the most productive technique for fishing sub-surface. Czech Nymphing is the perfect technique for nymphing the Crooked River and Upper Deschutes River. In this presentation I give an overview the all the EuroNymphing techniques with a focus on Czech Nymphing. I discuss the equipment and rigging necessary for Czech Nymphing. With videos, you will see and learn the technique for Czech Nymphing.

Fly Fishing Central Oregon Water – Where to fish is Central Oregon is a challenge? Why?Because there  is so much water to fish, more than anyone could fish in a lifetime. Did I mention diversity. Central Oregon offers a diversity of fishing from lakes to small streams to rivers. Not to mention the ability to fish year round on select waters. In this presentation I share the destinations and suggested tackle and flies for our favorite destinations.