Upcoming Virtual Classes

I am looking forward to offering the following virtual classes. Every class has a break to stretch your legs and meet other anglers.

Remote Fly Casting Video Analysis – $97 for one angler, $147 for two anglers

This is a great way to build you fly casting skills regardless of how many miles between us. More details on this class can be be found on my Virtual Casting Instruction Web-page.

To purchase this class head to this Eventbrite Link. After your purchase, I will contact you to schedule our first Zoom Meeting.

Back to Basics – Master Your Pick-Up & Lay Down Cast and Loop Control

What Fly to Tie On? Bugs, their Lifecycles, and the Flies that imitate them

Casting Faults and Fixes Drills to Fix those Pesky Faults

Building Your On the Water Skills – Reading the Water and Mastering the drift