Virtual Fly Casting Instruction

Casting by far is the essential skill to build first. Why a casting lesson? Simply put, no one can cast for you! A “good” cast will allow you to effectively get your fly to where you want it in a variety of situations, such as tight areas, wind, distance, and complex currents. Not too mention less fatigue and frustration. Unfortunately, many casters don’t give credence to the importance of an excellent fundamental cast and don’t invest the time into practice. Casting lessons and practice on your part can go a long way in improving your catch rate.

With today’s technologies, no longer does fly fishing education need to be face-to-face. The silver lining of COVID 19 is our increased rate of adopting video conferencing to interact. Sports Analysis applications that allow annotation and voice over are available via our mobile devices. No longer do we need to be face-to-face to learn fly fishing!

Even though we are not in the same location, this instruction is high-touch using video analysis and video conferencing. With that as a backdrop, I offer the following Virtual Fly Fishing Instruction Opportunities.

Individual Instruction – These offerings are designed for one to two anglers. Ideal for you with your fishing buddy – so that you can support each other on your continued pursuit for that perfect cast.

Public Instruction – These offerings are open to the general public. The class size is no greater than eight anglers. I am all for smaller class sizes to increase your interaction and maximize your learnings. Class Choices are:

  • Back to Basics – Perfect the Pick-Up and Lay-Down Cast – and improve all you cast
  • Faults & Fixes – Identify the common casting faults and learn drills to fix these faults
  • Dry Fly Presentation – Requires casting finesse, learn how to control your loop size, getting your fly to land first, and casting accurately from 20 to 45 feet.

Private Group Instruction – This offering is for a Fly Fishing Club or a private group of anglers. This highly interactive video conference allows members to not only build their casting skills but create more community for the club. It is also a great way to motivate members to invest in building their casting skills. We all know, the better the cast, the better the catching. The better the community, the more active the group.