Casting Faults and Fixes

Drills to Fix those Pesky Faults

Regardless of how many casts you have made, there is always more to learn and apply. Making a small investment to improve your cast will result in more catching!

All casting faults have a negative impact on your catching. The focus of this instruction is to understand those common faults, the negative consequence to catching, and how to fix the mistakes. How many times have you taking a class to learn new skills, but you are challenged to adapt to the new skills? You will be introduced to the role myelin plays in learning new skills and the value of drills to fix your casting faults. Common faults covered will be:

  • Inability to Control Loop Size
  • Inappropriate Pause
  • Those Pesky Tailing loops
  • Stuck on a Vertical Casting Plane
  • Casting Out of Plane

You will walk away knowing which faults you have, how to fix , and practice drills to develop the new skill.

Make sure you have your rod butt section, a pen with a cap, and a dinner knife to join in.

The more you know and can do, the greater your opportunity to enjoy your precious time on the water.