Dry Fly Presentation

Regardless of how many casts you have made, there is always more to learn and apply. Making a small investment to improve your casting will result in more catching!

Catching a fish on a dry fly is just hoot! Presenting a dry fly requires the most casting finesse. You know the feeling – your line & fly land in unison with the current, and you get that perfect drift to a rising fish. Is this luck or skill for you?

The focus of this online virtual class is to teach you how to cast narrow loops consistently, control your trajectory so the fly lands first, and the ability to cast effectively from a range of 20 to 45 feet. As with all my classes – you will learn the drills to build these skills.  

With the above new skills you will consistently have you fly and line landing where and how it needs to be, increasing those heart throbbing takes of dry fly fishing we all love.

Make sure you have your rod butt section, a pen with a cap, and a dinner knife to join in.

The more you know and can do, the greater your opportunity to enjoy your precious time on the water.