Group Instruction

Live Virtual Fly Casting Instruction for Clubs

The first skill for any angler to master is fly casting. Data show that 80% of anglers do not pursue fly fishing because of their frustration with the cast.  It makes sense for clubs to create opportunities for members to become competent at their casting.

These classes are live virtual events for your club members. In the Casting Workshops, there is a 30-minute break for club members to socialize in smaller break-out groups.

The power of live remote casting instruction is here. The silver lining of COVID is many of us have embraced the use of video conferencing. I have taken that one step further, with a powerful wi-fi, I demonstrate casting real-time, allowing for Q&A time. Check out this snip-it with the Colorado Women Fly Fishers.

Online Casting – Back to the Basics –  Two and half hours $247

Regardless of how many casts you have made, there is always more to learn and apply. This online class will be a mix of casting demonstrations, casting geometry, and drills for you to improve your casting skill. Yes, geometry – and physics.  Understanding “the why behind the how” of your cast allows you to diagnose and improve your cast.   Make sure you have your rod butt section, a pen with a cap, and a serrated dinner knife to join in.

Online Casting – Faults and Fixes – Two and half hours $247

When you cast, does your fly and line land as you want it to? Elite casters have subtle moves they make for that perfect cast. In this online demonstration, you’ll learn the common faults of casting and learn drills that you can practice to fix these faults. Make sure you have your rod butt section, a pen with a cap, and a serrated dinner knife to join in.

Dry Fly Fishing Two and half hours $247

You know the feeling – your line & fly land in unison with the current, and you get that perfect drift to a rising fish. Can you control whether your fly or line lands first?  Is this luck or skill for you?  If it’s luck,  then join in on this online demonstration, and you will learn how valuable trajectory and presentation casts are.   With this knowledge, you’ll increase the number of perfect drifts next time you are on the water. 

Title: Tips to Accelerating Your Fly Fishing Success  1 Hour No Charge

Join Mary Ann Dozer a fly fishing maven as she shares her Tips to Accelerating Your Fly Fishing Success l. Mary Ann will share how she built her fly-fishing skills and most importantly, what she would do now if only she could. “Yes, don’t do what I did, do this instead!” Mary Ann has fly fished since 1995 and began guiding in 2009.

E-mail me at to purchase these classes.  After your purchase, I will provide instructions for using Hudl Technique and Zoom Meetings.