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Tune Up Your Cast

Regardless of how many casts you have made, there is always more to learn and apply. Making a small investment to improve your cast will result in more catching!

The focus of this instruction will be improving your Pick-Up & Lay-Down Cast (PULD) and your Loop Control. The quality of your loop impacts your accuracy, your distance, and your fly presentation. Via my demonstrations and your miming, you will walk away with two to three goals for improving your cast. You will learn drills that you can do to master the  Pick-Up & Lay-Down Cast. All other casts are based on the PULD.  All the skills you gain can be applied to all of your casts, whether it be the roll cast, a wiggle cast, or double hauling.

This live online class will be a mix of casting demonstrations, casting geometry, and drills for you to improve your casting skill. Yes, geometry – and physics.  Understanding “the why behind the how” of your cast allows you to diagnose and improve your cast. 

Make sure you have your rod butt section, a pen with a cap, and a dinner knife to join in.

The more you know and can do, the greater your opportunity to enjoy your precious time on the water.

Introductory Offer

  • The class cost is $27 and will be limited to 8 students.

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