Virtual Fly Fishing Instruction

As my Mom would say, “My heart is full!”. For years I have had a vision for teaching all fly fishing skills in real-time via video conferencing! During March, April, and May, I have done a deep dive into virtual education to make my vision a reality. I am jazzed for June 2020 for the roll-out of my virtual education curriculum.

With today’s technologies, no longer does fly fishing education need to be face-to-face or limited to solitary video watching. Gone our the days of solitary watchings videos with no opportunity for questions. Or having the opportunity to learn from questions others asks. The silver lining of COVID 19 is our increased rate of adopting video conferencing to interact. Sports Analysis applications that allow annotation and voice over are available via our mobile devices. No longer do we need to be face-to-face to learn fly fishing!

Be ready before you go!

We don’t know what we don’t know! A little preparation before you pursue you passion of fly fishing will go a long ways for more catching on the water. For experienced anglers a little preparation with a virtual class, will dust off those skills of yours. Heading out on a guided trip, take a virtual class, so you are prepared to hit the water running, and maximize you time with you guide.

Regardless of your experience level, I offer a diverse set of fly casting instruction for a variety of participant combinations. Modules available are:

  • Fly Casting
  • Bugs and Fly Selection
  • Rigging and Knots
  • Reading the Water
  • Line Management
  • Fish Care & Landing a Fish

Engagement Enables Learning

Each module is 2.5 hours; the pace of the class enables active engagement of all. You can chat with all, electronically raise your hand, to ask questions live. I leverage breakout groups for more in-depth learning. I use a mix of slide decks, chalkboards, and videos to address multiple learning styles. I also provide a PDF notebook of critical points, so that you can focus on listening and in-depth note-taking versus writing down every bullet on the slide.

I offer modules for the general public and groups. I am happy to customize Virtual Education to meet your group’s needs.

Introductory Offer $27 and Class Size limited to 8 participants

$27 per student