Best Practices for Practicing!

Practice is key to taking your cast to the next level. One of the best practice techniques is to cast in a horizontal plane with a tape measure and series of Cones. The video below show the set-up and techniques for horizontal casting practice. Please note the video is a good enough video! No fancy audio, script, or multiple filming angles.

The following are best practices for practicing your fly casting, regardless of your goals.

  1. Become a better fly caster to become a better angler. Check out Casting Content on FFI Web Site
  2. Achieve an FFI Fly Casting Medal
  3. Become an FFI Certified Instructor

If you want more detailed information purchase the CI Study Guide from FFI. And if you are on the Casting Instruction Certification Journey, the CI Study Guide is a must.

Best practices for the CI Interactive Study Guide

1. Begin each practice session with a plan of the tasks or skills on which you will be working. Bouncing from tasks to task without mastering any of them is not productive

2. Practice in short purposeful sessions. Four 30 minutes sessions are more effective than one 2 hours session

3. Film yourself. Watch your self at all speeds and frame by frame analysis