I look forward to sharing my passions and knowledge for fly fishing with you. Thanks for entrusting me with your time and money to take your fly fishing skills to the next level. I leverage Zoom Meetings and have not experienced any security issues. To maximize all of our involvement and learning, please take the time to peruse the content on this page.

Attending a Zoom Meeting Class has many benefits.

  • You can ask questions real-time versus just listening or watching
  • You learn more from the questions your peers ask
  • I use video, slide, whiteboard and breakouts group to deepen your learning and to keep you engaged
  • You may meet a new fishing buddy

Attending a Zoom Meeting Class also comes with responsibilities.

  • To be early is to be on time. Please login no later than 5 minutes before the class starts.
  • Make sure your audio and video work by testing them before the class.
  • If there is background noise, please mute yourself. Headsets and microphones are a plus for you and others. As both of these devices enable you to cut background noise, and your voice is clearer.
  • Please share your video so that all students can see all students. If you are concerned about privacy, then use a virtual background.
  • Know the Zoom Functions that are listed below. If you don’t then take the time to watch the suggested Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Functions to Know

Please watch & read these Tutorials if you have not used these Functions. Zoom works best on a Mac and PC. It runs mobile devices as well – but many times, there are special instructions. So make sure you read the instructions for your particular device.

If you are going to present content in a Zoom Meeting, knowing how to share your screen is beneficial. Zoom has a tutorial dedicated to all aspects of Sharing Your Screen.