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Invest in Building your Skills

Mary Ann is passionate and committed to developing competent and confident anglers. Her instruction is based on her learning curve and fly-fishing guide experience. If she could do it again – rather than random learning experiences, she would have taken a more structured approach and invested in professional education.

Less is More

Content – Mary Ann’s goal is to not overwhelm you with information.  Her belief is your learning is accelerated when you get the information you need at the right time. Thus, course content is prioritized based on 1) fundamental skills for the students skill level and 2) challenging skills all anglers experience

Engagement – Humans learn best with active living and interaction with others. Given this, her workshop design centers on active involvement versus lecture style. Mary Ann limits her Workshop size to 10. She  uses break-out rooms to allow for small group discussion on content, which increases your comprehension.

All Skill Levels

Customization –   For private lessons (1 to 3); or group lessons greater than 12 – Mary Ann will customize content to meet your needs.

A moment of tranquility

Mary Ann’s Passions


A the end of a guiding day with Mary Ann you will have laughed and learned a lot!


Mary Ann’s greatest passion is to teach! Her students praise her patience, simplicity, and casualness


Mary Ann is a trailblazer for virtual education. She gets that virtual overcomes geographical limitations for anglers to build their skills. And in many ways is more powerful than in-person.