Casting Instructor (CI)

Prepare for your FFI Casting Instructor Certification

Mary Ann collaborates with her Casting Board of Governor Peers to to prepare candidates for their casting certification virtually. 

This instruction is designed into the following 6 week modules

Module 1 Loop Control

This introductory Module introduces your to the casting certification journey. You will learn what it takes to get your certification. The casting skills you will work are are the overhead cast and the roll cast. 

Module 2  Line Control and Fault Analysis

This middle module continues your preparation journey. We will dig deeper into casting mechanics and build your fault analysis skills. The casting skills you will work are will be presentation casts. And you will continue to improve your overall casting form to meet casting performance expectations. 

Module 3 Loop Distance and Hand Control

This final module completes this series.   Casting skills for distance and casting in the wind is the focus. This will be complimented with a deep dive on mastering teaching skills. This module will wrap up with a gap analysis  and mentoring plan to continue your CI Journey.