An Engineer

 Prior to pursuing her fly fishing, Mary Ann worked for Hewlett Packard. Her contributions all centered on putting in process where there was no process. She has an BS in Industrial Engineers from Purdue University & a Masters in Organization Change from Pepperdine University. 

A Fly Caster

Mary Ann’s philosophy is no one can cast you for you! ut you can buy a fly. She advocates that good casting gets you more catching. She has her Masters Casting Certification from Fly Fishers International. She is the Technology Lead for the FFI Casting Board of Governors

A Guide

In ’09 Mary Ann  began her guiding profession in Stanley Idaho.  She guides in Central Oregon for the Fly Fishers Place. Her belief is that her job is just not to tie your fly on and net your fish. Rather it is Mary Ann’s responsibility to teach you new skills, so that the next time you fish you catch more. 

An Instructor

Mary Ann’s greatest passion is to teach fly fishing. Her life mission is to build more competent & confident anglers. She believes in the power of virtual interactive learning via private sessions, small workshop, or large groups. She is adept at integrating her guiding & teaching skills.

Fun Facts

She hails from Atwood, Indiana, a town with no stoplights.
Her parents are Dutch immigrants.
She grew up on a chicken farm. 
She volunteered for Casting Recovery for 15 years
She is a Big Ten Fanatic
She has built two bamboo rods and two bamboo nets.