Mary Ann loves to introduce new anglers to fly fishing or take experienced anglers’ skill to that next level.

 Confident & Competent Anglers Catch More

 Confident & Competent Anglers Zen More

In-Person or Virtual

Learning fly fishing has predominantly been an in-person experience.  In-Person or vitual Mary Ann integrates miming, video, and  visual content. With technological advances this is no long necessary. Virtual removes the geographical barrier to learning


Mary Ann  will customizes  her Fly Fishing Instruction choices to a single person, a small group or to a large group. Large groups could be fly clubs, a family gathering, or large corporate events.  

tUTORIALS, sHORT workshops Schools

Anglers learn in many different modes. If you are looking for a short refresher, you can book a private tutorial. If you like to learn with others, Mary Ann Workshops. And if you really want to immerse yourself, check out one of Mary Ann’s Schools. 


If you have never fly fished and are keen on learning to Fly Fish, nothing beats a day on the water with a guide or friend. However, before you get on the water, invest in a Casting Workshop so you can spend your time fishing versus learning to cast. 

Types of Instruction

Private Fly Casting Instruction

A private casting lesson allows you and Mary Ann to focus on your casting and a deep drive on fixes to your faults. A private lessons allow for plenty of video casting analysis.


Mary Ann offers workshops on all aspects of fly fishing. Each 2.5 hour workshop is limited to 10 students. You may choose to take a workshop on a specific fly fishing skills or all of them.  

Casting Certification

For those anglers that want to teach, the Fly Fishing International Casting Certification is a stripe that will distinguish you from others.