In-Person Fly Casting Workshop


Good Casters catch more fish and fewer trees. During this in-person workshop, Mary Ann will take your fly casting skills to that next level.
Contact Mary Ann at to schedule your two sessions after your purchase.


Casting by far is the essential skill to build first. Why a casting lesson? Simply put, no one can cast for you!  Good Casters catch more fish and fewer trees.  A “good” cast will allow you to effectively get your fly to where you want it in a variety of situations, such as tight areas, wind, distance, and complex currents.  Not to mention less fatigue and frustration.

This in-person workshop is done in Central Oregon. It can be for one or two anglers. The class will be designed to match your casting skill level and defined goals. Mary Ann will use video analysis for you to understand deeper casting mechanics, your style, and drills to improve your cast.