Enhance Your Fly Casting Skills with the SPIFF Workshop – Fall 2024


Want to enhance your fly casting skills and catch more fish? This workshop is designed for anglers who are ready to invest in themselves and improve their casting abilities.

This workshop is for dedicated anglers looking to SPIFF up their fly-casting abilities. Over eight weeks, participants will elevate their casting skills, build confidence in various casting techniques, and learn to adapt casting styles to fishing situations. The workshop includes eight online sessions featuring fly casting fundamentals and thoroughly analyzing students’ casting videos.

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Workshop Participation Includes:

  • Access to a Tutorial Video Library for one year,
  • Workbook with Class Content and links to casting demonstrations,
  • Access to onform – A video Analysis Tool,
  • 1:1 Video Review Session or Video Voice Overs.

Your Time Outside of the Workshop:

To get the most out of SPIFF, dedicate 2 to 4 hours weekly for review and casting practice. While not mandatory, investing in a camera tripod and device holder can profoundly enhance your learning experience. Brightly colored fly lines can facilitate the analysis of your casting technique, and a 100′ measuring tape and soccer cones can serve as beneficial tools for practice. An Echo Micro Practice Rod is also indispensable for quick practice sessions in confined spaces.

Topics and Workshop Session Dates:
    1. The Foundation at 30′.

  • The Fundamentals: PULD & Arm Mechanics – 10/3/2024
  • Mastering the PULD & Casting Mechanics – 10/10/2024
  • Speed, Planes, & Trajectory – 10/17/2024
  • Roll Cast and Belgian Cast – 10/24/2024

   2. Getting Beyond 30′.

  • Casting @ 20′, 30′, & 40′ – 10/30/2024 (Note Wednesday Session)
  • Accuracy @ 20′, 30′, 40′ – 11/7/2024
  • Reach Mends & Wiggle Mends – 11/14/2024
  • Review & Next Steps – 11/21/2024

Workshops will be held on Thursdays from 2:00 to 4:00 Pacific Time

Refunds will given if you spot is filled.