SPIFF Up for Trout Spring 2024


Why invest in your Fly Casting Skills? Simply put, no one can cast for you! Good fly casters catch more fish and get more out of their time on the water.
A good cast allows you to effectively place your fly where you want in various fishing situations, such as in tight areas, on windy days, and with complex currents. The size of your loop impacts your accuracy, distance, and fly presentation. You will learn how to cast narrow and wide loops and when to use them. Cutting-edge video software will be leveraged to maximize your skill-building.
This workshop is for anglers who want to take their cast to the next level and are willing to invest time in practice. SPIFF is designed for anglers who have on-the-water experience. The workshop is not designed for a novice.

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At the end of Workshop, you will have:
• A deeper appreciation for fly-casting.
• Increased capability and confidence in your casting skills.
• Increased the number of casts in your quiver.
• Learned to utilize video for continued casting skill development.
• A game plan to continue building your fly-casting skills.
The Workshop includes:
• Eight 2-hour interactive Zoom sessions.
• Access to thirty-plus Instructional Videos for six months.
• A class content Workbook.
• A personal 1:1 casting video review.
• Periodic voiceovers on your casting videos.
• A 5:1 Student to Instructor ratio.
The workshop has eight virtual Zoom sessions on Sundays from 3 to 5:00 PM (PST). The sessions begin on March 24 and end on May 19. Each session includes new casting material and an analysis of students’ casting videos. Sessions will be interactive. Be ready to:
• Ask and answer questions.
• Mime your cast in real-time.
• Give and receive feed on your casting videos.
• Complete homework (practice) between sessions.
Topics and Work Shop Session Dates
Your Foundation
1. The Fundamentals – PULD & Arm Mechanics 3/24/2024
2. Mastering the PULD & Casting Mechanics 3/31/2024
3. Roll Cast and Belgian Cast 4/7/2024
4. Speed, Planes, & Trajectory 4/14/2024
Getting to 40’ Plus
5. Slipping & Retrieving Line to 20’,30’,40’ 4/21/2024
6. Accuracy @ 20’, 30’, 40’ 5/5/2024
7. Reach Mends & Wiggle Mends 5/12/2024
8. Review & Next Steps 5/19/2024
For your casting videos to be analyzed, you will need to make the following investments:
• A tripod for a camera/mobile device (~$50 or more)
• Mobile Device Holder (~$25)
The following investments are suggested.
• A fly line that is easily seen – bright orange or fluorescent green (~$ 40to -$100)
• Echo Micro Practice Rod (~$40)
• 100’ Plastic Tape Measure (~$15)
• 4 Soccer Cones (~$15)