Virtual Fly Casting Workshop


Via Zoom and Video Analysis Tools improve your cast via remote coaching. At the end of the 3 Zoom Meetings you will have:

  • Identified two to three fixes to your cast
  • A set of practice drills to ingrain your new casting skills
  • Increased your knowledge on casting how’s & why’s
  • Contact Mary Ann at to schedule your three sessions after your purchase.


    Technology allows remote coaching to improve your catching via improved fly casting.

    This coaching occurs over a 2-4 week timeframe and consists of the following steps:

    • 1) A Thirty-Minute Zoom Meeting to Define your Casting Goals &¬† Video Taping Overview
    • 2) You videotape your casting¬† & share it with Mary Ann via On-Form Technique.
    • 3) A Sixty- Minute Zoom Meeting to analyze your casting video and define drills for improvement.
    • 4) Practice your casting for a week to two weeks.
    • 5) A second Sixty Minute Zoom Meeting for feedback and updating casting drills


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