Fly Fishing the McKenzie River with a Bamboo Fly Rod

Dave and I floated the McKenzie River a few days ago. This is becoming our annual trip – as we celebrate our anniversary in early February. It was really great to get the drift boat out on the river again. We had a wonderful sunny day…not always the best for trout fishing. We didn’t see a single adult bug all day so we drifted nymphs under indicators. Dave took out a 7 1/2′ 5 wt bamboo rod that worked well in the drift boat and I did the rowing. Somehow, I think he got the better end of that deal! We didn’t have a tremendous amount of action, but we did wake up a few fish. As you watch the video – in addition to seeing a missed fish and then landing a trout, take notice of Dave’s presentation technique. The video does a great job of showing the technique of “fishing to the future” that is casting forward of the boat. And then as the line catches up, mending the line to keep the fly and indicator floating at the pace of the water. Enjoy!

Fishing for Brown Trout on the Owyhee River with Bamboo Fly Rods

Dave and I fished the Owyhee River this weekend. It was a blast! The discharge from the dam had just been lowered to 43CFS. On Saturday afternoon we “French Nymphed” and both landed brown trout greater than 20 inches. Below is the first fish landed of our trip! It was a sign of more big fish to be caught.

Beginning mid Sunday morning through Monday afternoon we were treated with rising brown trout to mahogany duns and blue winged olive hatches. Nothing is more exciting than watching bugs surface and fish slurping on the surface. It becomes a game of targeting a fish, picking the right fly, and a natural presentation of the fly. Did I mention we were fishing bamboo and casting small dry and emerger flies (size 18 and size 20). We caught a majority of our fish with BWO dries – I also was successful with catching fish on a BWO bubbled back on a short tag – 3 to 4 inches below the surface. Dave worked a large 25 inch brown trout, trying all types of flies and finally picked the fly and got the natural drift to land this brown beauty with his custom made 7’6” 5 wt bamboo rod.

Yes this was the big fish of the trip!

We ended the trip with me landing a nice 18” brown trout on a size 18 BWO emerger!