It’s springtime – while the base ball teams are all at Training Camps – maybe us anglers should take the lead from them. Spend some time tuning up your cast for the upcoming trout season.  As you know I have a crazy obsession with fly fishing education, not sure, where it come from, maybe from my personal pursuit and how lucky I was to have a mentor and realize others don’t. I think it comes more from the realization that fly fishing is  an absolutely rewarding hobby – but it takes commitment and time to become efficient. And, I  may sound sharp  but I feel like the fly fishing industry really doesn’t have a effective  education model. It’s either a free two hour class or a guided day. There has got to be a better solution for all of us anglers.

That being said – I pulled this short casting video together.  I hope it’s short and simple and gives you motivation to go out and practice the cast.









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