In 2010 I took a Euro Nymphing class from Brett Bishop, a member of the US Fly Fishing Team. I recall catching a 16-inch fish in 6 inches of water on a nymph. That would not have happened with our American Indicator Techniques. I continued to play with and explore this technique. Gradually, I turned to  Euro Nymphing techniques more and more. Today I Euro Nymphing for 95% of my subsurface fishing, and I have four Euro-Nymphing rods. Yes, the rod count alone, shows my commitment to Euro Nymphing.  If you are interested, I urge you to watch my two videos. And if you are motivated – invest into a guided day of Euro Nymphing – you won’t regret the investment.

This video shows a few minutes of productive fishing.

This video demonstrates the core techniques of Euro Nymphing



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