I love my work!

So all of us have to work, ok maybe some don’t! I have been thinking lately – what is the true definition of work? From Webster’s it is: “The labor, task, or duty that is one’s accustomed means of livelihood”. You’ll notice that there is no reference to one’s attitude to their work. Is it drudgery or is it joy! I have to say – I am one lucky person as I truly do love the work that I do and it is always a joy to be working. I am so fortunate that I can spend this summer in Idaho guiding as my livelihood. I am not sure what I did to do this – but I am sure one lucky person! Not only to I spend my days surrounded in beautiful scenery but I also get to share my passion with all types of people from all parts of the country. The highlight is always meeting new people and sharing the awesomeness of the Salmon River, near Stanley Idaho. Check out the cuttie that an angler landed. Not bad to land a nice cuttie like this on your first day of fly fishing

Nice first cuttie on a fly rod!

Nice first cuttie on a fly rod!

Bull Trout on a Bamboo Switch Rod

Dave and I ventured out on the Salmon River for a few hours on Wednesday. We were out to see if we could entice a west slope cutthroat trout to a swung fly and also to see how the bamboo switch rod performed. Well we weren’t able to entice any cutties, but it could be because the bull trout were very aggressive. As you can see from the photo’s the bamboo rod bends very progressively through the hole rod – allowing us to feel the fish in the cork. This is why bamboo is so cool – you can feel so much more of the take and play of a fish.

Check out the progressive bend on the bamboo as Dave plays the fish

Check out the progressive bend on the bamboo as Dave plays the fish

Check out how sweet the bamboo looks next to the bull trout

Check out how sweet the bamboo looks next to the bull trout

Check out the bend in the bamboo rod. There is nothing like feeling the fish all the way to the cork.

Check out the bend in the bamboo rod. There is nothing like feeling the fish all the way to the cork.

A safe release of a bull trout!

A safe release of a bull trout!

Fly Fishing the Salmon River, Stanley Idaho

Dave and I arrived in Stanley on Sunday. On Monday we were already on the water. With the lower snow pack this year the river is already in shape to float. So of course we took advantage of that!

Expertly getting the boat in the water.

Expertly getting the boat in the water.

Given I would be doing most of the rowing I just assumed that Dave would get the first cuttie of the 2013 Summer. Much to my surprise it was me. All it took was rowing to the other side of the river from the boat ramp and grabbing the best water. As you can see in the next few photos this was a great west slope cutthroat.

Check out the bend in that bamboo rod

Check out the bend in that bamboo rod

Check out the colors on my cuttie!

Check out the colors on my cuttie!

Dave did get his share of cutties for the day!

One of Dave's many cutties for the day.

One of Dave’s many cutties for the day.

You may be wondering what fly was working? Well does the next picture answer that question?


We saw plenty of salmon flies and golden stones flying around. In the morning we did the best on catching fish with sub-surface flies. It wasn’t till after lunch that the fish were looking up for the large dry fly imitations of the Salmon Fly and Golden Stone. When they started to look up – there were plenty of looks and a good number of the slow west slope cutthroat take.

Bull Trout on the Salmon River – Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Dave and I fished the Salmon River in mid-September. We were on the upper reaches of the Salmon and found a nice spot to fish. Below is a video of my last fish of the summer. We got into a lot of fish – this last morning of fly fishing – including a nice 18 inch cutthroat. Most importantly check out my last fish of of my 2012 summer on the Salmon River. I was fishing a 7’6′ 5 wt bamboo rod and swinging a JJ Special Streamer. The bull trout was sitting in the tailout!

Salmon River Fly Fishing 2012

It has been a busy summer for me on the water. My goal was to do a weekly blog post. Well this is probably my one blog post till the end of my season mid September. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Fishing has been great on the Salmon River – we have had a few slow days, but all in all the fishing has been good. This year we are seeing larger West Slope Cuthroats than last summer. So that is great. Check out the following photo of one 20 plus cut throat and the video of another one closer to the 16 -17 inch range.

Nice 20 plus cuttie!

You know one of my post would not be complete unless there was a photo or video of a fish that Dave landed with his bamboo rod…so here it is!

And just in case you aren’t a fly fisherman there is plenty of scenery and animal life to check out!

Just one of the many vistas you will see floating the Salmon River

Looking upstream from Slate Creek

South of town there is a herd of Antelope that you can view grazing!

On a rare day not fishing - you can view the antelope near Petit Lake

Fly Fishing the Salmon River – Stanley, Idaho

Dave and I have floated the Salmon River the last few days. The water is running fast – 2300 CFS – but still very fishable. We have seen hatches of Golden Stones, Salmon Flies, Green Drakes, Black Caddis and a few Yellow Sallies. Where ever the current was walking pace – we always found a willing west slope cutthroat to take a dry fly. Stripping streamers – yuk bugs and JJ Special’s also produced fish early or later in the day.

For those of you who are not fishing enthusiasts – I will share a few photo’s of the vistas one will see floating the Salmon River. So you don’t have to be a angler to love the Salmon River.

A view looking upstream from Slate Creek

Looking downstream towards Squaw Creek

For those you who are fishing enthusiasts – enjoy a few photo’s of today’s landed fish!

Dave hooked and landed a nice bull trout stripping a yuk bug

The biggest cutthroat of the day was landed 100 foot from the take out!

Take a closer look at this cuttie! Gotta love the colors in these fish!

Thanks for viewing this post!

Mary Ann Dozer

Salmon Fly Hatch on the Salmon River

I have been on the Salmon River in the last few days – and I am loving the Salmon Fly Hatch. I went to my favorite early season spot and was rewarded with a good number of fish. Check-out the 37 second video of me landing a West Slope Cut Throat Trout. Gosh these fish are pretty

Although the rivers are too high to float – there are places on the river to walk and wade. The fishing has been great in mid-morning and early afternoon. I expect that the river will be at a level to float around July 1, if not a few days sooner . The warm days should also warm the water and get even more bugs and fish active! In just the last few days I have seen an increase in bugs hatching and fish feeding on the surface. The most common bug was those huge Salmon Flies – an orange stimulator was the fly that the fish took on Saturday. I also some mayflies and caddis. I also got a few fish swinging a JJ Special – no bull trout YET!

And just in case you don’t know what a Salmon Fly looks like – check out the following photo.

Check out the Salmon Fly - no it doesn't bite!

If you’re interested in fishing contact me or Silver Creek Outfitters

Summer Soltice Fly Fishing on the Salmon River

Happy Summer Solstice! Today was the first day of summer and my first day of fly-fishing the Salmon River in Idaho. It is great to be back in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Our waters are high, but they are running clear. I saw a small amount of insect activity salmon flies, yellow sallies and green drakes. However, all the fish I hooked into were sub-surface. I had one fish look at a Norm Woods Special.
I am quite happy with my results today. I landed a good number of west slope cut throat (cutties), whitefish and only two rainbow. Below are a few photo’s. I had a triple today – cuttie, white fish, and a rainbow. No bulltrout but I did have a few bull trout attack the white fish I had hooked into. Yes – you can bet tomorrow I am going to swing streamers through these waters and go for a bull trout. Maybe tomorrow will be a grand slam – cuttie, white fish, rainbow, and a bull trout. One can always hope.

My first cuttie of the 2012 Fly Fishing Season on the Salmon

Salmon River – Fly Fishing

Our wet spring this year is definitely reducing the time anyone can get on the water to fish! I know I am yearning to get my boat on the McKenzie River to row and fish. The last two weeks of rain has resulted in just a lot of swollen rivers. As a way to get my ” fly fishing fix” I pulled out a few videos from the summer of 2011 and integrated them into a short video Floating on the Salmon River. Watching the video with all sun, no clouds, and crystal clear water just make me want this Oregon Spring to turn sunny!