On Monday, I floated the McKenzie River with Wes and Spencer. I had a great time with the guys – couldn’t have been with a better bunch of anglers. We definitely chose the right day to fish –as it was sunny but cold on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we have seen snowflakes in Corvallis.
The weather and water were cold – so we didn’t see a lot of action. There was a small BWO hatch that happened around 2:00 – but we didn’t see any rising fish. We tried dries – no luck! We did get a few nice grabs swinging streamers. The fish landed were dead drifting nypmphs – a 20 incher bead head and Dave’s custom Bishop Nymph. My fish landed was a beauty – lots of red to match my finger nails! I was fishing Wes’s 590 TCX. So yes – it was Dave’s fly, Wes’s rod, Spencer netted the fish for me – but I can say it was my boat we floated and my fish! It was a beauty! Check out the red. Thanks to Wes and Spencer for sharing that great fish with me.

Check on the red in the fish and my nails!

Beautiful Rainbow on the McKenzie


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