Lake in the Dunes March 2015

Lake In the Dunes

I can honestly say that the last time I was at Lake in the Dunes was before the millennium. Yes remember that – big event. We were all concerned that computers would go down because of the ’00 in programs. Well the world didn’t crash that  year, but a lot has changed since then. Cell phones,  Facebook, and Instragram immediately came to mind!  With all the change surrounding us every day – it is nice to know we can go back in time and experience a great fishery – even if is 16 years later.

Being at Lake of the Dune on Sunday, sure brought back memories. Yes last time I was at Lake of the Dunes it was in 1999 and the first time was probably in the 1996 vintage time.    I started fishing in ’95 so way back then I can now say I was truly a rookie. On my first trip to Lake in the Dunes I hooked my first fish that could truly pull line off the reel. Not that I knew what that was back then. I remember being clueless on what to do and  yelling “What do I do?”   Dave returned in the same tone, “Fight it on the reel”. My reply back – ” I don’t know what that is”. Needless to say I clearly remember losing that fish. I was pretty disappointed. Now if I lose a big fish I say “Oh well, there will be another opportunity – no worries”

This spring Dave and I made two return visits to Lake in the Dunes!  Both times I was reminded that how much I enjoy lake fishing and it certainly helps with surrounding scenery, and yes the big fish are nothing to complain about!


The scenery can take your breath away!




On the third cast I hooked into this nice rainbow on a size 20 adams


Another view of the same fish – amazing how the lighting makes it look like a second fish – but it the same. Now mind I caught a few more of this size!







Siletz River October 14 2012

Today I ventured to the Siletz – this time solo – as Dave was fishing with a buddy. You know one of those boys fly fishing trips where girls aren’t allowed. Oh well…I enjoy fishing by myself .. so I off I went back to the Siletz. Now I have to wonder, is there ever a day when it not a drizzling on the Siletz. As like yesterday – it was drizzling and then the occasional rain burst. None the less, the colors of the leaves were in full fall splendor. And with the little burst in water flow the fish were moving. The CFS was about 250 and the height at 2.5 today. I was swinging a blue-black Hobo Spey. And today was my day! Yes voila a steelhead within the first 15 minutes and two others on for a nano second in the next hour. No complaints here.

Enjoy the video!

Fishing for Brown Trout on the Owyhee River with Bamboo Fly Rods

Dave and I fished the Owyhee River this weekend. It was a blast! The discharge from the dam had just been lowered to 43CFS. On Saturday afternoon we “French Nymphed” and both landed brown trout greater than 20 inches. Below is the first fish landed of our trip! It was a sign of more big fish to be caught.

Beginning mid Sunday morning through Monday afternoon we were treated with rising brown trout to mahogany duns and blue winged olive hatches. Nothing is more exciting than watching bugs surface and fish slurping on the surface. It becomes a game of targeting a fish, picking the right fly, and a natural presentation of the fly. Did I mention we were fishing bamboo and casting small dry and emerger flies (size 18 and size 20). We caught a majority of our fish with BWO dries – I also was successful with catching fish on a BWO bubbled back on a short tag – 3 to 4 inches below the surface. Dave worked a large 25 inch brown trout, trying all types of flies and finally picked the fly and got the natural drift to land this brown beauty with his custom made 7’6” 5 wt bamboo rod.

Yes this was the big fish of the trip!

We ended the trip with me landing a nice 18” brown trout on a size 18 BWO emerger!