Siletz River

Oh I live a great life! If I ever complain again shoot me!

Lou and I floated the Siletz River today, Dave was busy building bamboo rods! Thank you Lou! I so needed to get on the water, it has been way to long. Yes, 3 weeks not on the water is just too long.

Water level was about 5.5 and not a perfect Steelhead Green – a little brown tinge. TOMORROW SHOULD BE GREAT

Not a lot of action – but Lou and I landed a fish together on a egg pattern. I say both of us landed a fish as I left my net at home, not the smartest thing, but getting the wrinkles out for more winter steelhead fishing! Needless to say Lou hooked and played this steelhead and with a little Texas two step, I ended up landing it for him. So both of us were happy!

Great Colors on this Steelhead!

Siletz River October 14 2012

Today I ventured to the Siletz – this time solo – as Dave was fishing with a buddy. You know one of those boys fly fishing trips where girls aren’t allowed. Oh well…I enjoy fishing by myself .. so I off I went back to the Siletz. Now I have to wonder, is there ever a day when it not a drizzling on the Siletz. As like yesterday – it was drizzling and then the occasional rain burst. None the less, the colors of the leaves were in full fall splendor. And with the little burst in water flow the fish were moving. The CFS was about 250 and the height at 2.5 today. I was swinging a blue-black Hobo Spey. And today was my day! Yes voila a steelhead within the first 15 minutes and two others on for a nano second in the next hour. No complaints here.

Enjoy the video!