Lake In the Dunes I can honestly say that the last time I was at Lake […]
This fall I discovered the John Day River. Not only do you have stunning views of […]
Our early November weather allowed me to get out and fish multiple times!  Fishing success varied […]
Dave and I recently made a move to Central Oregon – allowing us to pursue trout […]
Today – was another one of those rare snow days in Corvallis. A great time to […]
My goodness, I haven’t been on the water for a few months!  To my credit – […]
In a week, I will be leaving Central Idaho and headed to Central Oregon. I’m always […]
Many anglers can related to the statement “Any time you are on the water it is […]
All anglers and guides are usually happy being on any water. However, most anglers and guides […]
I don’t typically post about anglers that I guide. But I am making an exception for […]