I remember my first fish I caught, over 20 years ago!  I was so clueless of what to do and clueless on what I actually did to land it! I never had it to my hand as I set the hook to hard throwing it over my head and then  repeating that motion forward. Needless to my dismay, I don’t think that fish made it!  I never  got the fish to the net,  so technically it wasn’t my first landed fish – but it was the fish fish I set the hook on!   As they say even a blind squirrel can sometimes find a nut!

After that experience I was totally hooked into fly fishing! Yes we have heard that before. From there I recall my goals were to land as many fish as I could, then I wanted to just land a big fish and then I started to chase certain species – the steelhead is always the most elusive – but I can say I have had the joy of losing a landing my fair share of steelhead. I also have the experience of chasing bone fish – too much fun – when one of those take your fly – as it a few seconds they can run 100 yards! So where am I going with this ramble!

Last week I snuck out to the Metolious for a few hours! I was reminded how renewing it is to have a fly rod in hand and to get on the water. I chose to Czech Nymph!  I didn’t catch any lunkers – but I did catch enough small guys to add up to a big fish! Does that count!

This leads me to the point of   rambling post – at some point fishing gets way beyond the numbers and the size. Fishing is about that connecting with nature and placing 100% of your attention to the present moment!

I hope you see the beauty I see in the small fish I enticed to my fly!


My first catch!


A Bull Trout!  – hope to connect with him again in the future!


Another fish – to catch another day!





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