2017 FFI Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop

A few weeks ago at the Federation Fly Fishers International I had the pleasure of leading the Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop.  I had an awesome crew of partner instructors and an tremendous group of students anxious to take their skills to the next level.  All of us had a blast and regardless of being an instructor or a student we all learned something.  I am not quite sure what it is— but I love the events when women anglers get together. Below are a few pictures from the event! Enjoy

Thanks to the instructors Trish,  Mary Ann, Cheryl, Kathy, Kristy,, Molly, Donna, Patty, Whitney and Heather

All students and participants after our casting instruction! Casting is just to much fun.

Hey everyone look at the photographer not Willa!

We started the day in the classroom – but within two hours – we were outdoors casting or headed to fishing.

We would break into two groups of 8 to allow for more conversation during each topic. Here Mary Ann is kicking off casting.

Our last topic during casting – was what to do when you fish takes your fly…Aka how to get that fish into the net.

On day 1 PM our fishing local was to the Yellowstone. Kudo’s to Susan for enticing a cuttie to your fly

On the water we broke into a teams of a fishing pro,instructor, and two students – lots of individual instruction for our anglers.

A photo capturing the friendships that develops during the two day of the fly fishing workshop

On day 2 we headed to Depuys’ by 11:00. And of course we had to stop and check out all the fish you can see in the crystal clear water.

Lunch and socializing before we head to the water.

Lunch and socializing before we head to the water.

Connie playing a nice brown that took her PMD emerger. Mary Ann getting ready to net – and then the fish took off….

A perfect example of the 1-1 coaching on the water

And you can’t learn to fly fish without learning about the aquatic insects. Thanks to Molly and Heater for collecting. 


Molly discussing the process of matching flies to the bug sampling. Too fun. You can never know too much about bugs.

A new addition this year. A place for women to gather , socialize and meet other cool women anglers

Thanks to Sandy for all her leaders in making the Women Connect Happen! And to Marlene for supporting her.


Patty doing what she loves – tying flies



Bugs Bugs Bugs

When I first started fly fishing I never gave enough credence to the importance of bugs. Now, I think you can’t know too much about bugs. I’m a firm believer that it’s a good idea to “check out the bugs” in the river nearly every time you fish, especially if you’re doing a lot of nymph fishing.  Dave and I were on the Crooked River last week fishing a spot we fish often and started with a bug sampling.  We have a small net that is about 15″ x 15″ that one of us holds in the water while the other turns over rocks upstream.  We then transfer the bugs in the net to a white bowl that aids in viewing and identifying.  For the particular spot we sampled, there were very nigh numbers of olive/tan scuds in sizes ranging from about #18 to #10, as well as black mayfly nymphs that were about #18 and #16 in size.  We both used euro-nymphing techniques for our fishing for the day.  Using #14 and #16 gold or tan scuds, #18 Psycho Mayfly nymphs, and #16 Black Beauties produced a lot of rainbows in the 6″ to 14″ range.  So, knowing the bugs in the water and matching those bugs certainly helped us.  Here are a few photos of the day.


Look at the diversity in bugs on the Crooked River.



A closer look at the PMD (Black) Mayflies, a scud, and then a small BOW.



The flies that enticed a good number of fish


A nice 14 inch rainbow – I was able to convince my fly was the real bug!

Great Article in the Sisters Nugget

Thanks to Craig Rullman for his fantastic write-up about my passion for fishing & teaching.


Fly Fishing Instruction – Classes for 2016

It’s almost the end of January, 2016. My goodness time does fly!  This is the time of the year to start thinking & making plans for your fishing in 2016.

If you have any interest in taking your fly fishing skills to the next level, I encourage you to check out my class offerings.

Fly Fishing is both intriguing and challenging. Becoming an independent angler requires one to pull together a lot of information & skills from books, videos, classes, and then following that up with on the water time. If you are seriously interested in fly fishing. then making the investment in instruction will go a long way in making you successful sooner and more frequently.

My passion is enabling anglers to increase their success in their fly fishing pursuits.  As a guide and avid instructor, I offer various levels of classes to enable anglers to get to that next level of fly fishing. I am personally invested in providing a quality experience. Therefore, I limit all my classes to no more than 4 anglers.

Below is a summary of my class offerings – you can learn more on their respective web pages. I offer these classes to the public, but if a specific date doesn’t work for you, a private class can be arranged for one to four anglers.

Casting Instruction Includes both Single & Two HandI provide 1.5 hour lessons that are tailored to the needs of the angler. All levels can be accommodated – from first time holding a fly rod, taking your casting to the next level, or preparing you for a trip of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing 101 – This full day class is designed for anglers getting into fly fishing or who have fished a few times. The course content will introduce you to all the skills you need to get on the water from casting, to fly selection, to tying on flies.

Fly Fishing 201 – This full day class is designed for anglers who have the general knowledge of fly fishing. You can tie on your flies, know how to distinguish the major aquatic insect families, and have a general understanding of where to fish. However, you want to know more! In this class I cover similar topic of Fly Fishing 101 but in greater depth.

Fly Fishing 301If you are really serious about fly fishing and are willing to invest time my Fly Fishing 301 is for you. This is the quickest path to making you an independent angler.  The integration of a full day in the classroom and a second full day on the water putting those skills to work will have you catching fish sooner and more frequently.

Fly Fishing 401Line management is everything you do from your fly hitting the water to setting the hook. During this on the water clinic – you’ll get real-time feedback & suggestions on line management skills while your fish. The first focus will be on classic line management techniques – mending, raising & lower the rod tip, and pulling line in & pulling line out. We’ll finish the clinic with reach casts & slack line casts that can assist in a longer natural drift.

 To register for any class – Email Mary Ann Dozer at flyfishingpursuits@gmail.com


Fishing the Metolius River 1-8-16

Dave and I got out on the Metolius River on Friday. Yes our first 2016 fly fishing outing. Fortunately, we are having a winter, as this bodes well for snow pack! This was our second outing on the Metolius River with snow on the ground.  We both remarked at how invigorating it was to fish in the cold and snow!  Temps were in the mid-twenties, it was a sunny day and no ice in the guides.  Dave was euro-nymphing with his 8’4” 5 wt bamboo, and forgive, me but I was fishing my graphite Echo Shadow Euro-Nymphing 10′ 3 wt. rod.  I prefer the action of bamboo, but I have to be honest the longer rod allowed me to cover more water.

As to fishing success – it was the Metolius! This time on our fishing pursuit, it was my turn to land a fish. I landed one small but beautiful wild rainbow on a orange/black rubber legs nymph.


Of course the selfie to start the day! Notice my rosy cheeks from the chill in the air.


Perfect timing – Dave clicked the shutter, just as I set the hook


A beautiful wild rainbow – check the spots and red band


My goodness, I haven’t been on the water for a few months!  To my credit – the fishing hasn’t been that great. So I decided to put my time to finishing up many computer projects.

I have been busy editing my instructional videos. You can see all of them under the Instructional Video Tab.

I also have been busy getting ready for the 2014 Fly Fishing Shows. I will be at the following shows teaching and giving casting demonstrations.

Dave and I will have booth for his  Finely Crafted Bamboo Rods – come by the Bamboo Pursuits booth and say hello! Of course, we’ll let you  cast some bamboo!

I love my work!

So all of us have to work, ok maybe some don’t! I have been thinking lately – what is the true definition of work? From Webster’s it is: “The labor, task, or duty that is one’s accustomed means of livelihood”. You’ll notice that there is no reference to one’s attitude to their work. Is it drudgery or is it joy! I have to say – I am one lucky person as I truly do love the work that I do and it is always a joy to be working. I am so fortunate that I can spend this summer in Idaho guiding as my livelihood. I am not sure what I did to do this – but I am sure one lucky person! Not only to I spend my days surrounded in beautiful scenery but I also get to share my passion with all types of people from all parts of the country. The highlight is always meeting new people and sharing the awesomeness of the Salmon River, near Stanley Idaho. Check out the cuttie that an angler landed. Not bad to land a nice cuttie like this on your first day of fly fishing

Nice first cuttie on a fly rod!

Nice first cuttie on a fly rod!

International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival

I have just returned from the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival (IWFF) in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. This is always a blast. I had the opportunity to “catch-up” with women I have met at previous IWFF event and a chance to meet new women anglers. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

I arrived a day early to fish the local waters. I fished Big Springs – and loved the opportunity to sight fish and watch the fish refuse my fly. And then watched myself miss setting the hook. Always humbling to see the fish outsmart you. None the less – very fun and enlightening.

The remainder of the event, I had the pleasure of teaching multiple fly casting classes. As a teacher, I was intrigued with the casting skills of the anglers and their motivation to take their casting to the next level. Each class was full to the brim and in most cases spilling over the brim. My last class was an overview of what it takes to get your Casting Instruction Certification from the FFF. There were ten women interested in their CI, that just jazzed me up so much. I hope the information I gave makes their quest for the CI successful.

Going beyond the basics in their cast

Going beyond the basics in their cast

A chance to give some specialized pointers

A chance to give some specialized pointers

Motivated anglers learning how to get their Casting Certification

Motivated anglers learning how to get their Casting Certification

Line Management – The Core Skills to a long natural drift

As an angler and as a guide I have learned that the longer the natural drift of a fly the greater the catch rate. In this video I demonstrate the core skills necessary to get a natural drift of your fly. Those skills are:
1) Mending
2) Raising and Lowering your Rod Tip
3) Feeding Line Out and Pulling Line In.

Enjoy the video! Let me knwo what your learned and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Line Management Fundamentals Video