For all of you who may be attending the Denver Fly Fishing Show – I hope […]
A few weeks ago at the Federation Fly Fishers International I had the pleasure of leading […]
When I first started fly fishing I never gave enough credence to the importance of bugs. […]
Thanks to Craig Rullman for his fantastic write-up about my passion for fishing & teaching.
It’s almost the end of January, 2016. My goodness time does fly!  This is the time […]
Dave and I got out on the Metolius River on Friday. Yes our first 2016 fly […]
My goodness, I haven’t been on the water for a few months!  To my credit – […]
So all of us have to work, ok maybe some don’t! I have been thinking lately […]
I have just returned from the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival (IWFF) in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. […]
As an angler and as a guide I have learned that the longer the natural drift […]