I always love taking people for their first fly fishing adventure. This Friday, I had a special treat! I had the opportunity to take a college friend, John, and his son, Ryan, fly fishing. John is the husband of my freshman year room-mate Annette. They live in Colorado – but were here visiting their daughter, Katie, at U of O. Thirty years ago neither of us could have even guessed that we would be talking fly rods, leaders, knots, and bugs! Yes very cool.

We went to Roaring Springs Trout Camp. The fishing was a two hour whirlwind –learning casting, lake bugs, lake techniques, and yes landing fish. We hooked a fish on the first two casts on a bloodworm underneath an indicator. Yes two casts two fish! Ryan landed the second fish he hooked – his first rainbow trout on a fly rod.

Congrats Ryan! He ended up landing at least 6 rainbows – either on a blood worm, adams parachute, and yes, we fished an egg pattern. He ended up out fishing his dad – a fact that I am sure he will remind his dad of!

John’s first fish on a fly rod was this 16 inch rainbow! Can’t complain about that! He landed another of similar size. In both cases it was a mayfly emerger.

You may wonder “where is the photo” of Annette. She opted to have breakfast with her daughter. I guess she is not too keen on fly fishing. However, with Katie at the U of O for four years I will have other opportunities to get Annette hooked.

Thanks to John and Ryan for a wonderful morning of fly fishing!



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