Dave and I fished the upper Salmon River, above Stanley Idaho, on Monday. I was hoping to post a video to prove our fishing report – but – technology has gotten the best of me today. So I will try to upload the video in the next few days. YEAH I got the video uploaded

Even with high water levels we had a successful day. We saw a few bugs flying around – golden stone, yellow sallies, and green drakes. We turned over a few rocks a found some nice size golden stones. In our first stop we had landed 3 to 4 nice size fish – including a 22 inch rainbow. That doesn’t count the fish we missed. All the fish we connected with on a Yuk Bug, size 6 that we dead drifted and then swung at the end. Most of our takes were on the beginning of the swing or as we did a “Gary Borger” retrieve tease. We did not see any fish rising – so with these waters we recommend you dead drift and or swing big ugly flies and look for soft water or water with lots of boulders.


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