Man I love my job. But if you love your job – can your really call it a job? I must say I am blessed to be able to share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing. This Saturday I was at Roaring Springs Trout Camp with a great set of StoneFly Maiden members. Again the weather cooperated – and the fish, well we landed a good number of fish —- however, many fish got the better of each of us. But you know – all of us had a great time and a lot was learned. I must say I probably had the most fun – as nothing is more fun than experiencing landing fish with a determined and enthusiastic angler. Although the fish would say they won the game, every angler had a unique style and yes every angler landed a great fish. I have to compliment Cynthia and Debbie for landing a fish on the shelter pond – all on their own – as Deb, Mary and I chased the elusive fish in the cabin pond. My hats off to all the fly fishing anglers today – I loved all the positive attitudes and most importantly the intentions for learning and becoming better anglers. Hat’s off to each of every one of your ladies. Enjoy your catches of the day!

A team effort on the first catch of the day!

Cynthia - set the pace of the day and landed this nice fish!


Yes - Cynthia is showing the joy of landed a nice sized rainbow

A well earned bend in the rod and well earned fish

Congratulations Deb! A beauty of a rainbow trout

Mary and her wide bodied rainbow - that fish sure has been eating well!

Debbie's catch of the day

Can you count the number of rods? Yes you can never had too many rods!

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