Oh – finally a sunny day in the Mid- Willamette Valley. The day started out cloudy and cool but ended up sunny and warm. I was glad the weather cooperated for a Stone Fly Maiden’s womens’ fly fishing class at Roaring Springs Trout Camp. I know I had a great time and enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge for fly fishing with Amada, Cece, Judy, and Kathy. We fished a variety of flies and quickly learned the fish were picky today on what flies they were willing to take. Successful patterns were a black krystal flash woolly bugger, grey leach, sno-cone chironomid, prince nymph, and yes….. an egg pattern. Enjoy the rainbows we were able to entice to take a fly! After setting the hook – all these fish were great fighters giving each angler multiple runs and most importantly the real-time experience of landing a nice sized rainbow. Thanks women for a great day on the water.

Judy had the first big catch of the day.

Amanda and her rainbow - part of the double hook-up at Roaring Springs

Kathi's Roaring Springs Rainbow - the other part of the double hook-up

Cece's patience for fly fishing paid off with this nice rainbow!

Check out - spots on this rainbow trout

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