Fly Fishing from a Drift Boat – Tip

It is May 26th and officially trout season is in full swing. We have great weather and good water levels, so if you haven’t gotten on the water now is the time to start thinking about it.

If you happen to find yourself on the front of a drift boat, Dave does a great job demonstrating and talking you through effective casting and mending techniques from the front of the boat. Enjoy

Another day on the McKenzie River

After enduring rain for most of March and April – May has brought us plenty of sunny and warm weather. It has been splendid to be on the McKenzie River – multiple times in the last week. As you can see spring is here – the trees are abundant with leaves and blue skies with the occasional cloud.

A splendid sunny day on the McKenzie River

With all this warm weather – one would expect lots of bug activity on the surface. This hasn’t been the case on the McKenzie. Although the occasional fish will come and look at the indicator – nymphing is still the most productive method to hook a McKenzie Red Side. And there are some nice sized rainbows on the McKenzie and they still continue to take the Mega Prince! We have also had success fishing soft hackles.

A mongo of a rainbow - on a mega prince

If you haven’t gotten out in this sunshine to fish – get out this weekend – as weather prediction says we should see some showers next week.

McKenzie River – Fly Fishing

Dave and I floated the McKenzie River last Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day. We only saw a few bugs – no surface activity to speak of. We fished a mega prince and double beaded stone – the entire day. Lots of fish on both flies – check out the nice McKenzie rainbow that Dave landed early in the day on his bamboo rod.

A nice fish at the start of the day

A closer look at a beauty of a McKenzie River Red Side Rainbow

And if you enjoy watching fish being caught – take the time and watch the video! Play close attention to Dave playing and landing his larger fish – it is a great example of fighting a fish on the reel and on the line.

Stone Fly Maidens Fly Fishing at Roaring Spring Take 2

Man I love my job. But if you love your job – can your really call it a job? I must say I am blessed to be able to share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing. This Saturday I was at Roaring Springs Trout Camp with a great set of StoneFly Maiden members. Again the weather cooperated – and the fish, well we landed a good number of fish —- however, many fish got the better of each of us. But you know – all of us had a great time and a lot was learned. I must say I probably had the most fun – as nothing is more fun than experiencing landing fish with a determined and enthusiastic angler. Although the fish would say they won the game, every angler had a unique style and yes every angler landed a great fish. I have to compliment Cynthia and Debbie for landing a fish on the shelter pond – all on their own – as Deb, Mary and I chased the elusive fish in the cabin pond. My hats off to all the fly fishing anglers today – I loved all the positive attitudes and most importantly the intentions for learning and becoming better anglers. Hat’s off to each of every one of your ladies. Enjoy your catches of the day!

A team effort on the first catch of the day!

Cynthia - set the pace of the day and landed this nice fish!


Yes - Cynthia is showing the joy of landed a nice sized rainbow

A well earned bend in the rod and well earned fish

Congratulations Deb! A beauty of a rainbow trout

Mary and her wide bodied rainbow - that fish sure has been eating well!

Debbie's catch of the day

Can you count the number of rods? Yes you can never had too many rods!

Stone Fly Maiden’s Women Fly Fishing Class at Roaring Springs

Oh – finally a sunny day in the Mid- Willamette Valley. The day started out cloudy and cool but ended up sunny and warm. I was glad the weather cooperated for a Stone Fly Maiden’s womens’ fly fishing class at Roaring Springs Trout Camp. I know I had a great time and enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge for fly fishing with Amada, Cece, Judy, and Kathy. We fished a variety of flies and quickly learned the fish were picky today on what flies they were willing to take. Successful patterns were a black krystal flash woolly bugger, grey leach, sno-cone chironomid, prince nymph, and yes….. an egg pattern. Enjoy the rainbows we were able to entice to take a fly! After setting the hook – all these fish were great fighters giving each angler multiple runs and most importantly the real-time experience of landing a nice sized rainbow. Thanks women for a great day on the water.

Judy had the first big catch of the day.

Amanda and her rainbow - part of the double hook-up at Roaring Springs

Kathi's Roaring Springs Rainbow - the other part of the double hook-up

Cece's patience for fly fishing paid off with this nice rainbow!

Check out - spots on this rainbow trout

Fly Fishing the McKenzie River with a Bamboo Fly Rod

Dave and I floated the McKenzie River a few days ago. This is becoming our annual trip – as we celebrate our anniversary in early February. It was really great to get the drift boat out on the river again. We had a wonderful sunny day…not always the best for trout fishing. We didn’t see a single adult bug all day so we drifted nymphs under indicators. Dave took out a 7 1/2′ 5 wt bamboo rod that worked well in the drift boat and I did the rowing. Somehow, I think he got the better end of that deal! We didn’t have a tremendous amount of action, but we did wake up a few fish. As you watch the video – in addition to seeing a missed fish and then landing a trout, take notice of Dave’s presentation technique. The video does a great job of showing the technique of “fishing to the future” that is casting forward of the boat. And then as the line catches up, mending the line to keep the fly and indicator floating at the pace of the water. Enjoy!

Spey Casting Tip – “Flip the Tip Exercise”

Switch and two hand rods are a blast to cast and fish. The longer rod and spey casts allow an angler to cast a lot of line in a tight space. The real value of the longer rod is achieved when the angler has the bottom hand applying the effort and the top hand guiding. Many times the muscle memory from single hand takes over and the angler “over uses” the top hand and the bottom hand is not applying effort. When the angler learns to engage the bottom hand, then the full value of the longer rod is realized – resulting in casting more lines with less effort. There is a drill called “flip the tip” that trains the bottom hand to engage in the cast. Doing this drill 15 minutes once a day for 10 days will train the bottom hand and un-do the muscle memory. You can watch the following video as Dwight Klemin demonstrates the “flip the tip” exercise.

Are you interested in learning or improving your spey casting? then join George Cook, Dwight Klemin, and Mary Ann Dozer as they teach the following:

SPEY CASTING CLINIC MARCH 4, 8:30AM TO 4:30PM Bryant Park, Albany Oregon

To register for the class, call BackCountry Fly Shop 541-230-1706 or order on-line.

NW Fly Fishing Expo March 11th and 12th, 2012

NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo: Sign up for Classes!

The 2012 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo is set for March 9 & 10 at the Linn County Expo Center in Albany, Oregon. The Expo Education team has been busy getting class material and instructors ready for another round of great classes from fly tying, still water strategies, to spey casting. Check out the class section on the the expo web site. There is a limited number of spaces in each class, so sign up early!

I am proud to say that, once again Dave and I will be teaching at the Expo. I will be teaching Intermediate Fly Casting Friday at 12:15 and Casting Doctor Friday at 2:00pm. Dave and I will be teaching our EuroNymphing Class on Saturday at 9:00am.

We have a booth for Bamboo Pursuits, come by and try out a few bamboo rods. Our booth is on the casting pond! Can’t miss us!

Spey Casting Clinic with George Cook, Corvallis Oregon


Sunday, March 4th, 8:30am to 4:30pm Bryant Park in Albany, Oregon

Are you interested in learning or improving your spey casting? Want to get ready for summer steelheading? Join George Cook, Dwight Klemin and Mary Ann Dozer for a full day of spey casting instruction! The focus will be on two-handed and switch rods. All casting levels are welcome!

This class will cover the all aspects of spey casting from both sides of the river. You will learn the following casts: Single Spey, Snap T, Snap Z, Wombat, Perry Poke and Double Spey.

In addition to hands-on casting with one-on-one coaching you will have the opportunity to try the full arsenal of Sage’s Spey fly rods, reels, and lines. Feel free to bring your own rod to get dialed in on the right skagit or scandi head for your rod and cast.

A shore lunch and snacks will be provided.

George Cook
As a sales rep for Sage Fly Rods and RIO Fly lines, George has been on the forefront of designing and developing the modern spey rod as well as the shooting head style spey line. George directed Sage’s Fly Casting Schools in the Pacific Northwest through the 80s.

Dwight Klemin
Dwight is a retired music educator now teaching fly casting. Klem holds a Master and Two-hand Certification from the Federation of Fly Fishers. He started fishing in 1955 with a fly rod and currently fishes Pacific NW waters. His present position as Education Chair for the Oregon Council provides him with a wide venue of teaching opportunities. Favorite saying is: Casting practice is a great way to improve your success as a fly fisher. Now is the time to tune up your skills and knowledge!

Mary Ann Dozer
An avid angler and caster who loves to teach, Mary Ann has her Master Certification in Casting from the Federation of Fly Fishers and is on the path for her two-handed certification.

To register for the class, call BackCountry Fly Shop 541-230-1706 or order on-line.


Steelheading Classes at BackCountry Fly Shop

Happy New Year to all,

Just a quick post to let you know we have a great set of fly fishing classes at Back Country Fly Shop that will take your fly fishing skills to the next level. Check out the following video.

Our January classes focus on building your steelheading skills. We have a special treat – John Larison, author of “The Complete Steelheader”, will be sharing his knowledge on Winter Steelheading with Skagit lines and sink tips.

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