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Thanks to Craig Rullman for his fantastic write-up about my passion for fishing & teaching.

Fly Tying Stone Flies

So you may ask what do Dave and Mary Ann Dozer do  on a Saturday night in the winter? Tie Flies, of course, is our response! Yes – a new version of romance for the avid fly fishing couple.  This evening our focus is stone flies –  dry and nymph.    I tied the Clark’s Lady Stone Fly and Dave tied a Tungsten Yellow Sally Nymph.  We look forward to testing out the Clark’s Yellow Stone Fly on the Deschutes River this Salmon Fly Season. The tungsten yellow sally has worked for us in all season and all rivers in Oregon and Idaho.


Clark’s Lady Stone


Tungsten Yellow Sally



Winter Fishing on the Crooked River

Our waters and weather have been cold this winter. However, last week the weather warmed up a little, which I hope would warm the waters on the Crooked River. I measured the temperature at 37 degrees. Still pretty cold for the fish. The good news was they increased the CFS to 56. This is still much lower than the average winter flows.

On Sunday – I headed to the Crooked River by myself. I enjoy fishing with others, but I forgot how renewing it can be to be alone on the river. I wouldn’t want to always fish alone – but good to make it a point occasionally.  It was one of those days where I picked the right spot and right flies. In the first hour  Euro-nymphing – I landed six and lost four white fish. No complaints on my part! I was using a #16 egg pattern and a #18 Brian Egan Frenchie.

I headed out on Wednesday with some friends. My goal was to introduce them to Euro-nymphing. They quickly caught on – even with the pesky wind that doesn’t help when Euro-Nymphing.


Flies that worked – Egg Pattern and Brian Egan Frenchie


Anne and her first fish Euro-Nymphing

Fly Fishing Instruction – Classes for 2016

It’s almost the end of January, 2016. My goodness time does fly!  This is the time of the year to start thinking & making plans for your fishing in 2016.

If you have any interest in taking your fly fishing skills to the next level, I encourage you to check out my class offerings.

Fly Fishing is both intriguing and challenging. Becoming an independent angler requires one to pull together a lot of information & skills from books, videos, classes, and then following that up with on the water time. If you are seriously interested in fly fishing. then making the investment in instruction will go a long way in making you successful sooner and more frequently.

My passion is enabling anglers to increase their success in their fly fishing pursuits.  As a guide and avid instructor, I offer various levels of classes to enable anglers to get to that next level of fly fishing. I am personally invested in providing a quality experience. Therefore, I limit all my classes to no more than 4 anglers.

Below is a summary of my class offerings – you can learn more on their respective web pages. I offer these classes to the public, but if a specific date doesn’t work for you, a private class can be arranged for one to four anglers.

Casting Instruction Includes both Single & Two HandI provide 1.5 hour lessons that are tailored to the needs of the angler. All levels can be accommodated – from first time holding a fly rod, taking your casting to the next level, or preparing you for a trip of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing 101 – This full day class is designed for anglers getting into fly fishing or who have fished a few times. The course content will introduce you to all the skills you need to get on the water from casting, to fly selection, to tying on flies.

Fly Fishing 201 – This full day class is designed for anglers who have the general knowledge of fly fishing. You can tie on your flies, know how to distinguish the major aquatic insect families, and have a general understanding of where to fish. However, you want to know more! In this class I cover similar topic of Fly Fishing 101 but in greater depth.

Fly Fishing 301If you are really serious about fly fishing and are willing to invest time my Fly Fishing 301 is for you. This is the quickest path to making you an independent angler.  The integration of a full day in the classroom and a second full day on the water putting those skills to work will have you catching fish sooner and more frequently.

Fly Fishing 401Line management is everything you do from your fly hitting the water to setting the hook. During this on the water clinic – you’ll get real-time feedback & suggestions on line management skills while your fish. The first focus will be on classic line management techniques – mending, raising & lower the rod tip, and pulling line in & pulling line out. We’ll finish the clinic with reach casts & slack line casts that can assist in a longer natural drift.

 To register for any class – Email Mary Ann Dozer at


Winter Fishing on the Crooked 12-11-15.

But back to the Crooked River. My last fishing pursuit was to the Crooked River on December 11th! Water levels are running really low – down to 36CFS. However, the white fish can still spawn. It too a few stops but my friend and I found some spawning white fish. And when you find them you will find rainbows. We had a flurry of doubles in the 30 minutes I was there. She stayed and caught some more. In addition to egg patterns – a orange Ray Charles was also the fly of choice.



You will always find rainbow when you find spawning white fish.

My buddy and I with a double - tough to get a good photo when you have a fish on!

My buddy and I with a double – tough to get a good photo when you have a fish on!

Crooked River Winter 2015

Wow I have been negligent on posting to my web site. My excuse too busy fishing, teaching, and tieing flies. Actually lots of teaching for me this spring – which I enjoy as much if not more than fishing. Nothing more rewarding than the opportunity  to teach someone to the sport that I love, live & breath.

I am loving my new home in Central Oregon! Lots of sunny days in the winter and plenty of water to fish. Almost too much. This winter I focused my days on the water on the Crooked River – a little gem to fish all year round and the winter provides some of the best fishing! I love to fish the Crooked as it has so much structure to analyze and it holds a fair number of fish. Some days the fish are very willing to take your fly and other days the fish just don’t seem to be around, but you know they are there. The structure and the fish make this an excellent river to learn to fly fish.  If you’re looking to learn and you’re in Oregon – you can’t beat the Crooked as a learning paradise!



First day of Fishing in 2015! Yes a little snow but a sunny day – so no excuse not to get on the water!




A nice fish in the early April timeframe. Yes that is my favorite bamboo rod – made by my hubby – Dave Dozer


Dave and a nice Crooked River Rainbow – a great play on his bamboo rod. Yes he does makes time to fish!






Reading the Water

I recently created a presentation and video regarding Reading the Water & Covering it Effectively. There are many skills for an angler to master. Knowing how to read the water for possible trout lies and then effectively covering that section of water is key to increasing that catch rate. As an angler, I hope you learn something with the “Reading the Water” Slide Presentation and “Covering the Water” Video. Let me know how these movies helped your fishing results.

Reading the Water Slide Presentation

Covering the Water Video

Fly Fishing – Central Oregon October 2012

After a busy summer guiding in Idaho, Dave and I treated ourselves to a week of fly fishing and camping in Central Oregon.

For the first few days (Sept 30 to Oct 2) we floated the Deschutes River (Warm Springs to Trout Creek). Dave demonstrated his ability with French Nymphing Techniques and Slinky Indicators, landing many nice trout in the 14” to 18” range on #10 October Caddis Nymphs, #18 Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymphs and #16 DD Nymphs. Below is his first catch of the trip.

Nice Trout French Nymphing!

I opted to chase steelhead in early morning and evening hours. I got a couple of grabs but no solid hook-ups. In the afternoon I decided to trout fish with a traditional dead drift and French Nymphing. I landed some nice trout fishing both techniques – but French Nymphing provided me with my largest trout of the trip. Check out the nice red side.

Nice Trout French Nymphing

We then moved to the Crooked River for the remainder of our trip. My goodness I hadn’t been on the Crooked River in years. I forgot how stunning the scenery is on that river and how many fish there are in that river.

Looking downstream on the Crooked River

Fishing on the Crooked River was extremely good during mid-day hours, with decent midge, caddis, and mayfly hatches between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. #20 Zebra Midges, #14 tan Elk Hair Caddis, and any form of #18 or #20 Blue Winged Olive worked well. Most of the fish we landed were in the 8” to 12” range. We fished dries and nymphs with a traditional drift and French Nymphed. Again french nymphing was more productive sub-surface. But to me nothing is funner than fishing small dries on a bamboo rod!

Another trout - French Nymphing

In the end – again French Nymphing proved to be the most successful technique for hooking and landing fish on both the Deschutes and Crooked River!

I ended the trip with teaching an intermediate fly fishing class. All the structure on the Crooked makes for a great classroom to teach line management!

First Rainbow Trout on a Fly Rod

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of teaching Elise, fly casting and fly fishing. We fly fished at Roaring Springs Trout Camp, a private fishery near Scio Oregon.

The weather was a little cool and cloudy – great weather for the fish to be active! Elise was truly a sport and a quick learner. By the end of the day she was casting, hooking, and landing her own fish. I could go on and on but the following video says it all. Great job to Thuy for an awesome video creation and Greg for being our main net man! Thanks

Mary Ann

Trout Girl from ThuyTran on Vimeo.

Elise with her first fish on a fly rod with a dry fly - can't get better than that

My favorite water? – Today! The Lukiamute

Many people ask me what is my home water or what is my favorite stream. I have to be honest – I really don’t have a favorite! I always enjoy whatever piece of moving water or still water I am on. What I love is integration with nature, reading the water, delivering the fly, and the game of outsmarting the fish. So today my favorite place was the Lukiamute River, which is just about 25 miles from my house. It is one of the many small coastal streams that fly fish great in the early trout season! As a matter of fact today was the second day of 2012 that the Lukiamute was open. I arrived to have the water all to myself. No complaints from me on that at all.

Why do I love the Lukiamute! Well it is a small stream full of coastal cutthroat trout and cutthroat are always eager to take dry flies! Today the pattern was a size 12 style stimulator. I pulled out my Sage SPL one weight, which I have not fished for years. I forgot how mammoth a 12 inch fish feels on a one weight. I also used a furled leader from Cutthroat Leaders. The furled leader turned the dry fly over beautifully and mended perfectly.

Today is an example of you just need to go out and fish! Before I fished this morning I did the bills, mowed the yard, and a few other tasks around the house. That still left me plenty of time to head to the Lukiamute and get some fishing in. I landed 4 fish and lost about that many – can’t complain for maybe 90 minutes of fishing. Enjoy the photos.

Looking Upstream - What a view!

My first nice coastal cuttie of the day! What a hoot on my Sage SPL 1 wt