As you will see by the end of this post – my rod is really looking […]
Wow – As I continue building my bamboo fly rod, I am developing a deeper appreciation for […]
Today, I continued with the process of building my bamboo rod. My start point today was with […]
Today I continued my pursuit of hand building my first bamboo fly rod!  My husband, Dave, has […]
When I first started fly fishing I never gave enough credence to the importance of bugs. […]
The summer’s always get busy for me. So I  relish a day where Dave and I […]
Wow – my last post was at the April 28. My goal is to post weekly! […]
Thanks to Craig Rullman for his fantastic write-up about my passion for fishing & teaching.
So you may ask what do Dave and Mary Ann Dozer do  on a Saturday night […]
Our waters and weather have been cold this winter. However, last week the weather warmed up […]